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Cattery NameCountryState or City
7Gatos Abyssinians South Korea South Korea
Aalstreep Abyssinians Netherlands Hoogvliet
Abalak Abyssinians Columbia Bogota
Abayomi Abyssinians Canada Vancouver
Abbey Garden Abyssinians Sweden Stockholm
Abderus Abyssinians Scotland Carnoustie
Abi Banda Abyssinians Poland
Abidabi SH Somalis and Abyssinians Poland Poland
Absint/Hjortronstigens Abyssinians Sweden Stockholm
Absolute SH Somalis and Abyssinians USA Louisiana
Abu Simbel Somalis, SH Somalis and Abyssinians Belgium
Aby Child of Gods Abyssinians Russia
Aby Home Abyssinians Russia
Aby Wonder Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Aby Zone Abyssinians Poland
Aby'licious Abyssinians USA Oregon
Aby's Golden Magic Abyssinians Belgium Brugge
Abyantics Abyssinians United Kingdom Wiltshire
AbyBast Abyssinians Russia
Abycafe Abyssinians USA New York
Abycoil SH Somalis and Abyssinians Israel Haifa
Abydale Abyssinians Canada British Columbia
Abydelay Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Abydom Abyssinians Canada Ontario
Abyfelicity SH Somalis and Abyssinians Russia Krasnoyarsk
Abyfelis SH Somalis and Abyssinians France Solaize
Abyforest (formerly Miu-Nefer) Abyssinians Netherlands Assendelft
Abyglen Abyssinians United Kingdom Tillicoultry
Abyjentas Abyssinians Norway Holmestrand
Abyket Abyssinians Russia
Abyland Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Abylayne Abyssinians Canada Nova Scotia
Abylicious SH Somalis and Abyssinians Netherlands Amsterdam
Abylife Abyssinians Russia St. Petersburg
Abylion Abyssinians Poland
Abylove Abyssinians Ukraine Lviv
Abylyx Abyssinians Sweden Svardsjo
Abymania Abyssinians Russia St. Petersburg
Abymewsic Abyssinians USA Michigan
Abymugla Abyssinians Russia Lyubertsy (Moscow)
Abypersona Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Abypride (Abyssinian Pride) Abyssinians Russia Moscow (Region)
Abyqueen Abyssinians South Korea Seoul
Abyquest Abyssinians Japan
Abyroad Abyssinians USA New York
Abyrose Abyssinians New Zealand Rangitikei
Abyrose (Can) Abyssinians Canada Ontario
Abysaint Abyssinians Columbia Medellin
Abysharm (Tangoandcats) Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Abysilas Somalis and Abyssinians Belgium Hasselt
Abysing SH Somalis and Abyssinians Russia Chelyabinsk
Abysolaris (Solaris) Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Abysphere Abyssinians Russia St. Petersburg
Abyspirit SH Somalis and Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Abyssia Abyssinians France Haillainville
Abysun Abyssinians Russia Moscow (Region)
Abytopia Abyssinians USA California
Agada Beholot SH Somalis and Abyssinians Ukraine Kiev
Ahmose Abyssinians Germany Gelsenkirchen
Aimable Abyssinians Japan
Akili Paka Abyssinians Denmark Ulstrup
Aksum Abyssinians USA Georgia
Alam Abyssinians Slovenia Kranj
Alexy Abyssinians USA North Carolina
Alivila Abyssinians Japan Osaka
Allerbeste Abyssinians Australia Adelaide
Almon-Dilaem (Night Hunter) Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Alure Abyssinians Australia Perth
Alyse Pagerie Abyssinians France
Amber Light Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Amberberry Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Amberize Abyssinians USA California
Amharinja Abyssinians Sweden Stockholm
Amo Vitam Abyssinians Germany Braunschweig
Anariel SH Somalis and Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Ankobar Abyssinians Switzerland Burgdorf
Ankober Abyssinians New Zealand Paparoa
Another Galaxy Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Antarex SH Somalis and Abyssinians Ukraine
Anubis Abyssinians USA Massachusetts
Apelovmyi Abyssinians United Kingdom Staffordshire
Apelsinam Abyssinians France Paris
Arkania Abyssinians Canada Ontario
Artefakt Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Artlazar SH Somalis and Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Asin Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Ataraxia Abyssinians USA New York
Atavia Abyssinians USA Massachusetts
Aucuparia Abyssinians Sweden
Aulad Sjems Abyssinians Netherlands Maasdam
Aureate Abyssinians Australia NSW
Aurinkomaeen Abyssinians Finland Muurame
Avalonscat Abyssinians Germany Recklinghausen
Azurestar Abyssinians USA
Banafrit Abyssinians Russia Volgograd
Bastet Magic SH Somalis and Abyssinians Russia Vladimir
Bastian Abyssinians Finland
Baton Rouge Abyssinians Switzerland Zurich
Bejskjaer Abyssinians Denmark
Belvoire Abyssinians Poland Warsaw
Berkana Abyssinians Russia St. Petersburg
Bigfountain Abyssinians Japan Tokyo
Bijeto Abyssinians Denmark Ballerup
Birket Abyssinians Denmark Mern
Blue Istari Abyssinians Czech Republic
Blue Mystery Abyssinians Russia Yekaterinburg
Blue-Bayou Abyssinians France Banyuls sur Mer
Bluecourage Abyssinians Russia Korolev
BlueRiver Abyssinians USA
Bluestream Abyssinians Finland Syvšnniemi
Bomb Abys's Abyssinians France
Bonjour l'Amour SH Somalis and Abyssinians Portugal Lisbon
Bourbonnais Abyssinians Germany Fellbach
Breeze SH Somalis and Abyssinians Ukraine
BriarValley Abyssinians USA Indiana
Bright Crystal Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Bright Stars Somali and Abyssinians Russia Chelyabinsk
Bronze Breeze Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Brouillard Abyssinians Japan
Brunnbackens Abyssinians Sweden Stockholm
Buraby's Sharm Abyssinians Russia Moscow
C Abyss Abyssinians USA Ohio
Cairocats Abyssinians Australia Brisbane
Canyonkatz Abyssinians USA Arizona
Carolcollection Abyssinians Japan
Cat Manor Somalis and Abyssinians Russia St. Petersburg
Cedarwood Somalis, SH Somalis and Abyssinians USA New York
Cellani Abyssinians Germany Berlin
Cenglow Abyssinians Australia Brisbane
Cepheus Abyssinians Japan
Certo Citos Abyssinians Sweden Gagnef
ChanGuis (chocolate) Abyssinians Netherlands Venhuizen
Chapt de Laxion Abyssinians France Corgnac sur l'Isle
Charlbury Abyssinians Australia
Charmaby Abyssinians Russia N.Novgorod
Charmedaby Abyssinians Canada
Charming Angel SH Somalis and Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Chatdore SH Somalis and Abyssinians Russia Krasnoyarsk
Chez Ami Abyssinians New Zealand Southland
Child of God Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Childofsun Abyssinians Russia Astrakhan
Chocolatecherry SH Somalis and Abyssinians Russia Yoshkar-Ola
Clos de la Louve Abyssinians France Grenoble
Connemara SH Somalis and Abyssinians Netherlands Groningen
Cornaline Somalis and Abyssinians France Montgermont
Courage Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Crispouss Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Crystal Cat Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Crystalpaws Abyssinians United Kingdom Essex
D'Allavie Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Dafna Abyssinians Russia Russia
Dakkarai (formerly Hillstblues, Dakarai) SH Somalis and Abyssinians USA California
Danakils Somalis and Abyssinians Germany Grosspoesna
De Luxe Emerald Abyssinians Azerbaijan Baku
Dedicat Abyssinians France Pont Sainte Marie
Deeablo Abyssinians Hungary
Degenberg Abyssinians Switzerland Hunzenschwil
Des Cavalier Abyssinians Russia Liubertsy (Moscow)
Detrevande Abyssinians Netherlands
Diva Abyssinians USA Maryland
Divina Silvestris Abyssinians Sweden
Djousou Dia SH Somalis and Abyssinians Netherlands
Dongola SH Somalis and Abyssinians Austria Feldkirchen
DragOrBrisingr Abyssinians France
Dweia Abyssinians Finland Vaasa
Egyptian Paradise Abyssinians Russia Moscow
El Bahri Abyssinians Ukraine Mariupol
El Cardenal SH Somalis and Abyssinians Russia Moscow
El Kemet Abyssinians Germany Hannover
El Khamsa Abyssinians Netherlands Lunteren
El Marees Abyssinians Switzerland Emmen
El Qahira Abyssinians USA Illinois
Elegant Savage Abyssinians Russia Kaliningrad
Empereur Abyssinians Switzerland Bern
Encanto Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Eritrean Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Ermelinde SH Somalis and Abyssinians Netherlands Valthermond
Erta Alle Abyssinians Poland
Eszencia Abyssinians Canada Nova Scotia
Etochat Abyssinians Canada
Exclusive SH Somalis and Abyssinians Ukraine Kherson
Exodus Abyssinians New Zealand Dunedin
Fa Gu Abyssinians China Wuhan
Fa-Ying Abyssinians Netherlands Hilversum
Faby-Cats SH Somalis and Abyssinians Denmark Odensee
Faecherstadt SH Somalis and Abyssinians Germany Stutensee
Fairbank Farms SH Somalis and Abyssinians USA California
Farai Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Farouche Abyssinians Japan
Fin Bheara Abyssinians USA California
Fiore Divino Abyssinians Russia Novosibirsk
Fire Cat Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Firekitty Abyssinians Russia
Flamstone Abyssinians United Kingdom Salisbury
Fletcher Abyssinians Denmark Copenhagen
Fredenslund Abyssinians Denmark
From A'far Abyssinians Netherlands Anna Paulowna
Front Range Somalis and Abyssinians USA Colorado
Furrari Abyssinians USA Washington
Fusains Abyssinians France Vers Pont du Gard
Galgviddraumen SH Somalis and Abyssinians Norway Randaberg
Galoubie Koschka Abyssinians Netherlands
Gato Bay Abyssinians Canada British Columbia
Gatobelo Abyssinians Germany
Geliador Abyssinians Russia
Gene Harmony Abyssinians Japan
Gentle Happiness SH Somalis and Abyssinians Czech Republic Prague
Glendavan Abyssinians United Kingdom Aberdeenshire
Glendoveer Abyssinians Canada Toronto
Glenlea Abyssinians USA Minnesota
Gloria Abyssinians Ukraine Marganets
Golden Aby Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Golden Flash Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Golden Irbis Abyssinians
Golden Pride Abyssinians Belarus
Golden Puma Abyssinians Russia Ekaterinburg
GoodNews Abyssinians Sweden Pitea
Grandes Oreilles SH Somalis and Abyssinians Poland Warsaw
Gratias Abyssinians Japan
Gravilja Abyssinians Sweden Pajala
Greenville Abyssinians Russia St. Petersburg
Gwendolen Abyssinians Russia
Habashat Abyssinians Italy Fubine
Hakrilas Abyssinians Norway Trondheim
Halloween Cat's SH Somalis and Abyssinians Hungary
Hammershoi Abyssinians Denmark Aalborg
Harem d'Eden Abyssinians France Digoin
Haro Abyssinians Canada
Heart of Desert (Abytown in WCF) SH Somalis and Abyssinians Russia Togliatti
Hecate SH Somalis and Abyssinians Russia Novosibirsk
Hellomimmy Abyssinians Japan Tokyo
Highgaitpaws Abyssinians USA Clintondale
Hopscotch Abyssinians Canada
Hotchocolate Abyssinians Hungary Szolnok
Igonta Abyssinians Austria Salzburg
Ijselland Abyssinians Netherlands
Immicat SH Somalis and Abyssinians Czech Republique
Ingaves Abyssinians Norway
Inox Abyssinians Poland Warszawa
Instincts Abyssinians USA New York
Isatai Abyssinians Germany Hamburg
Ismisha Abyssinians Ireland Dublin
Jabaris Abyssinians Sweden Uppsala
Jachthoek Abyssinians Netherlands
Jethro Abyssinians Netherlands
Jodaerin Abyssinians Australia Australia
Johari Abyssinians Australia Sydney NSW
Jolly Ability SH Somalis and Abyssinians Russia Novosibirsk
Joyaux d'Olipide Abyssinians Belgium Ligny
Kalaxary Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Kalimdor Abyssinians Switzerland Hindelbank
Karingal Abyssinians Australia
Katzen Kats Abyssinians USA Oregon
Kawaii Abyssinians Finland Helsinki
Kemenkat Abyssinians New Zealand Christchurch
Kennickeykats Abyssinians USA Indiana
Kenzoo Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Khabasha Abyssinians Scotland Fife
Khamsin Abyssinians USA Connecticut
Kharmis SH Somalis Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Khartoum Abyssinians Denmark Roskilde
Khenemet Abyssinians Switzerland Luzern
Kimara Abyssinians Australia Western Australia
King Solomon Somalis and Abyssinians Belarus Minsk
Kiparis Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Klamahama Abyssinians Columbia Medellin
Konfetti SH Somalis and Abyssinians Ukraine Donetsk
Koperkat Abyssinians United Kingdom Leicestershire
Krobbeguod Abyssinians Netherlands
La Rivera SH Somalis and Abyssinians Columbia Medellin
La Terra Abyssinians Japan
Laire Abyssinians Finland
Lakshmina Abyssinians Russia Moscow (Korolev)
Lalima Abyssinians France Paris
Le Souffle d'Isis Abyssinians France Toulon
Legend Abyssinians United Kingdom Essex
Leggenda Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Lejonfarmens Abyssinians Sweden Valbo
Leocat Abyssinians Czeck Republic Ostrava
Licca Abyssinians Japan Tokyo
Lightdancer Abyssinians USA Alaska
Link Abyssinians Finland Helsinki
Little Big Cat Abyssinians Czech Republique
Loreley Abyssinians Germany St. Goar
Lovedevotion Abyssinians Finland Moraru-Puranen Tatyana
Lovely Asta Abyssinians Netherlands
Lovelynx Abyssinians United Kingdom Milton Keynes
Lugwe Abyssinians Denmark Bronsho
Luna-Tick Abyssinians Denmark Koge
Magicshine Abyssinians Russia Krasnodar
Mak-Aby Abyssinians Russia Vladivostok
Mam Itza Abyssinians France
Marica Somalis and Abyssinians Denmark
Mariengarten Abyssinians Germany Hanau
Marne Abyssinians France Le Perreux sur Marne
Marsh Mallow Abyssinians Japan
Martagon Abyssinians Germany Fehmarn
Martinbrown Abyssinians Japan Sagamihara City
Maya's Pride Abyssinians Norway
Mazoji Arka (Little Arch) SH Somalis and Abyssinians Lithuania
Mazzel-Tov Abyssinians Netherlands
Meamyna Abyssinians Netherlands Meppel
Mengo Celebration SH Somalis and Abyssinians Poland Klodzko
Merikare Abyssinians Austria Graz
Merindalee Abyssinians Australia Victoria
Merrydancer Abyssinians United Kingdom Lincolnshire
Meynac Chocolate Abyssinians France Beylongue
Mikkar Abyssinians United Kingdom Gloucestershire
Minas Anor Abyssinians Russia
Mirabella Abyssinians Russia Kursk
Miracle Dreams (Glory King in WCF) Abyssinians
Mirror of Soul SH Somalis and Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Moeris Abyssinians France
Monkey Cat Abyssinians Russia
Monts du Courroux Abyssinians France Cholet
Moonstruck Abyssinians Sweden Uppsala
Mosmurrkiss Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Mui Mui Abyssinians Switzerland Zurich
Mur-Mur Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Murilegus Abyssinians Sweden Tumba
Myabygem Abyssinians United Kingdom Sheffield
Nafretiri Abyssinians Ukraine Odessa
Narleekatz Abyssinians Australia
Nature Abyssinians Norway
Naughtypaw Abyssinians United Kingdom
Neaera Abyssinians Finland Hyvinkaa
Nebuankhet Abyssinians Finland Inkoo
Nefertee SH Somalis and Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Nefertiti Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Nekayahs Abyssinians Sweden Umea
Nekodama Abyssinians Japan
Nerkes Abyssinians Russia
Neshamah Sheli Abyssinians Ukraine Kiev
Night Hunter Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Nightmist Somalis and Abyssinians Canada British Columbia
Nile Abyssinians Australia Sydney
Nimaelin SH Somalis and Abyssinians France Landerneau
Nishalka Abyssinians United Kingdom Staffordshire Moorlands
Nivalis Abyssinians Australia NSW
Nuby Abyssinians Russia St. Petersburg
Nymeria SH Somalis and Abyssinians Germany Durmersheim
O'Fish Abyssinians Russia Moscow
O'Leff Abyssinians Russia Moscow
O'Marmelade (Orange Marmelad) Abyssinians Russia Moscow
OhMy Abyssinians USA Oklahoma
Oleco Abyssinians Russia
Olimp SH Somalis and Abyssinians Russia Novosibirsk
Olipide Abyssinians Belgium Ligny
Omnia Mea Abyssinians Russia St. Petersburg
Opelousa Abyssinians Switzerland Golaten
Orangepekoe Abyssinians Belarus
Orionis Abyssinians Germany Kaarst
Ororina Abyssinians Norway Steinkjer
Osiris (V) Abyssinians Australia Victoria
Oude Heekt Abyssinians Netherlands Appingedam
Pellburn Abyssinians Canada
Petrovna SH Somalis and Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Pezzabyz Abyssinians USA Ohio
Philote Abyssinians Netherlands Utrecht
Phoenixabys Abyssinians Canada
Poeme Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Poespas Abyssinians Netherlands Rotterdam
Pontaby Abyssinians Scotland Glasgow
Pontdouilly SH Somalis and Abyssinians France Paulhac
Primavera Abyssinians Netherlands Utrecht
Primuz-Zezam Abyssinians Sweden Huddinge
Proxima Abyssinians Finland Siuntio
PtiPrince Abyssinians Ukraine Odessa
Purssynian Abyssinians USA Illinois
Pussini Abyssinians United Kingdom Suffolk
Queen Bastet Abyssinians Czech Republique
Queen Jewels Abyssinians Ukraine Lviv
Quodlibet Abyssinians Italy Milano
Rabenwald Abyssinians Austria Wien
Rackarkattens Abyssinians Sweden Stockholm
Rainbow Abyssinians Ukraine Odessa
Ravottersgaarde Abyssinians Netherlands West Friesland
Rebel Aby Abyssinians Russia
Red Ferne Abyssinians USA Kentucky
Regtime Abyssinians Russia Ramenskoe
Return to Fantasy (Amoulette) Abyssinians Estonia Tallinn
Reves d'Aton SH Somalis and Abyssinians France Pyrenees
Reynard SH Somalis and Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Rintinaby Abyssinians Scotland Edinburgh
Rione Abyssinians Japan
Riverfern Abyssinians England Gillingham
Rosa Glauca SH Somalis and Abyssinians Czech Republic
Rose Mallow Abyssinians Netherlands Zwolle
Royal Choice Abyssinians Ukraine Donetsk
Royal Joy SH Somalis and Abyssinians Ukraine
Rubensborg Abyssinians Sweden Alunda
Ruddicat Abyssinians Canada Vancouver
Rulissa Abyssinians USA
Rymiat Abyssinians United Kingdom Lancashire
Saladin Abyssinians Scotland South Lanarkshire
Saltvig Abyssinians Denmark
Samtre Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Sandy Lion SH Somalis and Abyssinians Ukraine Kharkov
Santa Catarina Abyssinians Belarus Minsk
Sarafanny SH Somalis and Abyssinians Ukraine Odessa
Sartum Odd colored Abyssinians Netherlands
Sasazuka Boy Abyssinians Japan
SavageAngel Abyssinians Russia Vladimir
Segena Abyssinians Germany Netphen
Semerchets Abyssinians Germany Homberg
Sesostris Abyssinians Germany Hueckelhoven
Shadeaby Abyssinians Russia Arkhangelsk/St. Petersburg
Shadowlea Abyssinians Australia East Victoria
Shafran Abyssinians Ukraine Donetsk
Shakiri Abyssinians France
Shardi Abyssinians Russia Belgorod
Sharm's World Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Sherada Abyssinians South Africa Cape Towm
Shinkara Abyssinians Canada Quebec
Silent-Hunter Abyssinians Germany Gronau
Silk Tail Abyssinians Russia Russia
Silken Silken Abyssinians Czech Republique
Silkkihienon Abyssinians Finland Tampere
Silversmoke Abyssinians United Kingdom Kent
Simmur Abyssinians Russia Novosibirsk
Sina Bass Somalis and Abyssinians Norway Bergen
Singa Pura Abyssinians Russia
Skimmerdal Abyssinians Sweden Umea
Snehulienka Abyssinians Czech Republique
Snowgold Somali and Abyssinians Russia Kaluga
Sofi SH Somalis and Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Soglimt Abyssinians Denmark Ry
Sol Gina Abyssinians Norway
Solar Shaine Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Solarian SH Somalis and Abyssinians Italy Milano
Solarjewel Abyssinians Ukraine
Spica Abyssinians Japan
Star Paradise Abyssinians Japan
Stinger Abyssinians USA Florida
Sun Iris SH Somalis and Abyssinians Ukraine
Sun Smile Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Sunabyca Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Sunchild Abyssinians Russia
Sundisk Abyssinians Denmark Roskilde
Sunny Home Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Sunny Mantle Abyssinians Russia Vladivostok
Sunrise Abyssinians Ukraine Kiev
Sunshine Abyssinians Ukraine
Superaby Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Surfin Abyssinians United Kingdom
Swift Abyssinians Australia NSW
Ta Mera Abyssinians Norway Bergen
Tahadhali Abyssinians Sweden Stockholm
Tailsend Abyssinians Canada Ontario
Tajhara Somali and Abyssinians USA California
Tanasee Abyssinians Germany Bornheim
Tarquinias Abyssinians Norway Norwaa
Temida Abyssinians Poland
Tender Rage Abyssinians Ukraine Kiev
Tenerezza Abyssinians Lithuania
Terres de Brou Abyssinians France
Tesanee Abyssinians Lithuania Klaipeda
Thamos Abyssinians Norway
Thorsgard Abyssinians USA Iowa
Tick-Tag Abyssinians Denmark Otterup
Tijah Abyssinians Australia NSW
Tikazhbek Abyssinians France Saint Luarent
Tinklemew Abyssinians Japan
Tiny Paw Abyssinians Austria Weiz
TirnanOg SH Somalis and Abyssinians Italy Torre de Busi
Toutankhares Abyssinians France Saint Ettienne
Trampekatten Abyssinians Norway Fredrikstad
Treasure Bastet Abyssinians Russia
Treasure of Kings (Kings Treasure) / Sokrovishe Korolei Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Trendsetter Abyssinians USA Wisconsin
Tullaghan Abyssinians Germany Grafrath
Turehof Abyssinians Sweden
Ullo Kokkino SH Somalis and Abyssinians Poland Warsaw
Ulunlae SH Somalis and Abyssinians France Lyon
Unagi Abyssinians USA
Unkamen Abyssinians USA New York
Ury's Legend Abyssinians Belgium Dendermonde
Valandil Abyssinians Netherlands Arnhem
Varajuan Abyssinians USA Arizona
Vianey Abyssinians France Montmaurin
Vum Vrings Veedel Abyssinians Germany Cologne
Walvoorts Abyssinians Netherlands
Whoopee Abyssinians Sweden
Wild Forest Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Wild Puma Abyssinians Russia Moscow
Wildflowerabys Abyssinians USA California
Willowpark Abyssinians Australia Victoria
Wimmerhale Abyssinians Denmark Skanderborg
Windjammer Somali and Abyssinians Sweden Saeter
Wishcats Abyssinians Netherlands Tiel
Wonderful Life Abyssinians Lithuania
Wonderlove Abyssinians Germany Neuss
Xanthomelas Abyssinians Sweden Goetborg
Xquisicats Abyssinians USA Florida
Zahari Abyssinians New Zealand Christchurch
Zauditu Abyssinians Norway
Zulu Somalis and Abyssinians Russia Tomsk
Zuri Abyssinians Australia Victoria